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3D Nanoarchitecture for Bio-molecular Fingerprinting

Author(s) with affiliations: 

Paresh C. Ray, Jackson State University

We have developed three-dimensional (3D) nanoachitecture based surface enhnaced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) technology and demonstrated that it can be used for the diagnosis of bacteria, virus, Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers, cancer, explosives and toxic chemicals.

Our 3D technology has the capability to identify bacteria/virus/cancer cells in less than 10 cells/mL level.

Reported data show that 3D SERS has the capability to take environmental and medical diagnose  technology  to the next level.

Published in Acc. Chem. Res., 2016, 49, 2725–2735


Outreach in Mississippi Children Museum on Visualizing the Wonder of Nanotechnology

NSF-JSU-UCSB PREM members are committed to conduct outreach activities at Mississippi Children's Museum to initiate a Science Line program to help local science students in their mission of enhancing scientific literacy to wider audiences. 

A one-day event was conducted at Mississippi children museum in Jackson, MS. PREM members discussed how the society is already using some of the technologies. More than 500 participants joined in this activity to visualize  the wonder of nanotechnology.