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Development of Continuous and Homogenous Teflon Nanofibers for Superhydrophobic Surfaces

Superhydrophobicity is a very important property of a solid surface and can be used in many applications such as self cleaning windows, icephobic surfaces (to avoid ice deposition on airplanes), self cleaning textiles and paints to mention some. Teflon is an ideal candidate to be used as a superhydrophobic material though because of its low dielectric constant and high melt temperature it has not been possible to produce fine fibers with this material. We were able to produce high yield 100% pure teflon fine fibers that can be collected as nonwoven mats or aligned fibers in a yarn. Download this highlight

Nonwoven teflon nanofiber mat

Colored water droplets on a glass slide covered with a thin teflon AF nanofiber mat, the measured contact angle was as high as 172.4 º.

Nanofibers made into a yarn to be weaved for textile applications