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Gallaudet, the National University for the Deaf, joins the PREM Program

Electron microscope training with Prof. Sabila signing

Gallaudet students visiting the Howard NanoExpress

Gallaudet students visiting the Howard NanoExpress

Summer 2011 Poster Session at Johns Hopkins









  • In 2011, Gallaudet University joined the Howard, Hopkins Prince Georges Community College PREM.
  • Three Gallaudet students were mentored by Prof. Paul Sabila in summer research at Howard in Jason Matthews’ research group.
  • In addition to research, the students took part in nanotechnology training together with hearing students.
  • They were trained to use advanced instrumentation including electron and atomic force microscopes and lithographic equipment in the Howard Nanofabrication Facility together with their fellow hearing students.
  • The entire REU team took part in Friday discussions about scientific ethics using instant messaging and consuming pizza.
  • All students participated in visits to the NIST Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology and the Johns Hopkins Materials Science Research Center of Excellence.  Sign interpreters enhanced a rich discussion with our hosts.
  • At the end of the summer Gallaudet, PGCC, Howard and Hopkins students along with REU students at Hopkins from other universities  took part in a joint summer Poster session at the Hopkins Homewood campus.
  • The Howard NanoExpress visited the Gallaudet campus, providing an introduction to nanotechnology for many students and faculty.
  • This new collaboration is exciting for all the participants and continuing in the new PREM project joining Howard, PGCC, Gallaudet and Cornell.
  • We are anxious to share lessons learned.