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PREM Participants from High School Published Paper in IEEE Sensor Journal

Acknowledgements: We thank NSF-PREM grant # DMR-0611539, NSF-CRIFMU grant # 0443547 and ARO grant # W911NF-06-1-0512 for their generous funding.

JSU-UCSB PREM summer school participants from Jackson, MS local high school published their research finding at IEEE Sensor Journal. The IEEE Sensors Journal is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to sensors and sensing phenomena. It is published by the IEEE Sensors Council, which consists of 23 IEEE Technical Societies with a combined membership of over 260,000. In this paper we have reported development and evaluation of a miniaturized, inexpensive and battery operated ultra-sensitive nanomaterial based fluorescence resonance energy transfer (NSET) probe (as shown in Figure 1) for screening microbial pathogens DNA and chemical toxins at high sensitivity and selectivity. Though the publication demonstrated only for water sample, this team believed that their probe provides a useful starting point for the development of practical nanosensor for screening of toxin from wide range of biological, toxicological and environmental samples that require an assay for biological and chemical toxin detection.

NSET probe box,

Figure 1: Photograph of the minimized NSET probe box, connected with labtop computer for data acquisition.

Photograph of four PREM Summer School K12 Participants (top two rows), graduate student and mentor (bottom rows) - coming soon.