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Fabrication of “artificial” photonic quasi-crystals

We work on an fabrication method for “artificial” photonic quasi-crystal. The fabricated Penrose-type photonic quasicrystal shows ten-fold rotational symmetry. The Laue diffraction pattern from the photonic quasi-crystal is observed to be similar to that of the traditional alloy quasi-crystal. A golden ratio of 1.618 is also observed for the radii of diffraction rings, which has not been observed before in artificial photonic quasicrystals. (see Fig. 1)

Laser direct writing was also used for the fabrication of 3D photonic crystals (see Fig. 2, top). By combining of the holographic lithography and two-photon direct laser writing, Defect letters of “UTPA” have been written in 3D photonic crystals.

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Fig. 1. (left) 3D quasi photonic crystals fabricated through multi-beam interference based holographic lithography; (right) A Laue diffraction pattern from the quasi-crystal..

Fig. 2. 3D Photonic crystals fabricated by laser direct writing. Defect letters UTPA have been written in 3D photonic crystals.