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Tuskegee University-University of Nebraska-Lincoln






Tuskegee University and University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s new PREM partnership will address critical materials issues in research, education and outreach. This specific collaboration will involve faculty and students at these two universities working collaboratively in multiferroic materials, which will result in unique multiferroic polymer nanocomposites for structural, energy and sensing applications. This partnership will also increase the production of African American graduates in new fields of materials science & engineering through exposure to MRSEC research facilities and educational activities.

The goal of this partnership is to recruit, retain, educate and train the next generation of scientists and scholars in multidisciplinary materials science and engineering fields with a focus on multi-ferroic materials. We would like to achieve the following objectives through the proposed PREM partnership.

• The proposed PREM will allow us to establish a long-term partnership between TU, a leading producer of African American graduates in science and engineering, and UNL, a world-renowned institution with a nationally recognized MRSEC.
• The PREM will also enhance TU’s research and educational programs in materials science and engineering and its efforts to increase the number and quality of minority scientists and engineers with advanced degrees in this field.
•  It will also provide UNL a direct access to a pool of well-prepared minority students for recruitment into its undergraduate and graduate programs in science and engineering.

Principal Investigator : 
Vijay K. Rangari