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Light-Matter Interactions: Theory and Applications (LMITA)

Download NMHU-PREM-0934212-X-ray diffraction

Porous materials for gas storage studied in collaboration with LANL

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) combines a drug (called a photosensitizer) with a specific type of light to kill cancer cells.

The general goal of LMITA Thrust 1 to find efficient synthetic route to obtain E,E-3,5-bis(thienylidene)piperid-4-ones with donor substituents, that will be tested as materials for photodynamic therapy as photosensitizer.

Undergraduate student Rachel Lucero and graduate student Evgenia Leonova working on the synthetic project under supervision of Professors Timofeeva and Martinez.

Download NMHU-PREM-0934212-photodynamic therapy

Structural characterization of of non-liner optical molecules synthesized at Prof. Dalton group at University of Washington. Potential application – generation of THz radiation for research and security purposes.