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Nanotubes for the Future

In February 2007, UPRM PREM hosted more than 140 students, members of the five Materials Science and Engineering clubs formed in public schools under the auspices of PREM. The activity was organized by PREM’s Office of Outreach and Education led by Prof. J. Santos and was partly financed by UPRM Chancellor’s office. It took place in the Rafael A. Mangual Coliseum, the largest UPRM venue. The students were welcomed by Dr. Jorge I. Vélez Arocho, UPRM Chancellor and Dr. Ramón Vázquez, Dean of Engineering. Two PREM high school students, Coraly Sotomayor and Nayomi Plaza were the MCs of the event. The students were briefly introduced to the basics of carbon nanotubes by Prof. Oscar Perales and to the geometry of the construct by Prof. Luis A. Rivera (Engineering Graphics professor). During the activity all students (from three different cities: Mayagüez, Aguada and Cabo Rojo) have the opportunity to interact with each other. A team of PREM students and volunteers assisted them at all times. A frame made of tubes was used to hold the construct from ropes. Each Materials Science & Engineering club was assisted by two or three PREM students and supervised by their corresponding teacher mentors. Two air compressors help the participant inflate the black balloons. These were conveniently attached to each other to form the hexagons, which were then hanged from the steel frames. To complete this task a real teamwork was necessary. The enthusiasm and the energy of the teams were apparent at all times to build five 2-story high nanotubes!!A thunderous applause crowned each team’s final touch on their work.

The Hostos High School Team gets ready to build their nanotube