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UPRM PREM Professor Receives Presidential Award

UPRM PREM Prof. Carlos Rinaldi who in 2006 received the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) award was one of the 20 NSF nominees who received the US government's highest honor for scientists and engineers beginning their independent careers: The Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE).

PECASE Awardees at the White HouseThe PECASE program recognizes outstanding scientists and engineers who, early in their careers, show exceptional potential for leadership at the frontiers of knowledge. By receiving awards through the CAREER program, the PECASE winners had already demonstrated their success in integrating research and education within the context of the mission of their organization. The 2007 PECASE winners were honored in a ceremony at the White House on November 1, 2007. Professor Rinaldi is the seventh from left to right on the top row.

Prof. Rinaldi at work Professor Rinaldi holds a beaker with oil based ferrofluid (a suspension of magnetic nanoparticles in an oil carrier fluid) with a permanent magnet underneath. The ferrofluid displays the so-called normal field instability, characterized by spikes of fluid following the local magnetic field direction. Rinaldi's work has importance for applications in nanobiosensors and in magnetic fluid hyperthermia for cancer treatment.