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UPRM PREM Students Establish First MRS University Chapter off the Mainland

In July 2008 the Board of Directors of the Materials Research Society (MRS) has unanimously approved the establishment of an MRS chapter at the University of Puerto Rico - Mayagüez (UPRM). The UPRM Chapter will be official presented on December 1 during the plenary session of the 2008 Fall MRS Meeting in Boston. This is the very first MRS University Chapter off the continental US and one of the few established in minority-serving instititutions. Almost fifty university chapters are active.

UPRM MRS Chapter students

Front row from left to right: Tunde Adelakin (President); Ruth Hidalgo (Treasurer); Lilia Olaya (Secretary); and Yarilyn Cedeño. Back row: professors O. M. Suárez and O. Uwakweh (Faculty Mentors)

MRS University Chapters are entitled to many benefits including: travel support for student members to attend MRS Spring and Fall Meetings; distinguished speaker support; special project grants; access to MRS publications; and other in-kind support.

While fifteen PREM graduate and undergraduate students constitute the initial UPRM Chapter membership the Chapter officers expect to expand the initiative by intensive recruitment efforts.

The initial Executive Committee of the UPRM MRS Chapter are:

  • President: Tunde K. Adelakin
  • Vice President:Celia M. Osorio
  • Secretary: Lilia Olaya
  • Treasurer: Ruth G. I. Hidalgo
  • Faculty Advisors:
      Dr. O. Marcelo Suárez
      Dr. Oswald N. C. Uwakweh

    The interdisciplinary nature of the UPRM PREM is clearly represented in the starting Chapter student membership: 2 Chemical Engineering PhD students, 3 Chemistry PhD students, 1 Civil Engineering PhD student, 1 Electrical Engineering MS student, 4 Mechanical Engineering MS students, 3 Physics MS students, 1 Mechanical Engineering undergraduate with 53% female student participation.