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Use of Gold Nanoparticles in a Simple Colorimetric and Ultrasensitive Dynamic Light Scattering Assay: Selective Detection of Arsenic in Groundwater


Jhansi Rani Kalluri, Tahir Arbneshi, Sadia Afrin Khan, Adria Neely, Perry Candice, Birsen Varisli, Marla Washington, Shardae McAfee, Britinia Robinson, Santanu Banerjee, Anant Kumar Singh, Dulal Senapati, and Paresh Chandra Ray Department of Chemistry, Jackson State University, Jackson, MS, USA The contamination of drinking water with arsenic poses a threat to global health. As many as 140 million people worldwide may have been exposed to drinking water with arsenic contamination levels higher than the World Health Organization (WHO) guideline of 10 ppb. Driven by need, we have demonstrated a label-free, selective colorimetric assay and highly sensitive DLS assay for 3 ppt arsenic recognition in aqueous solution. The experimental results show that arsenic can be detected at the ppt level quickly and accurately without any tagging, and with excellent discrimination against other heavy metals. (Published in Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2009, 48, 9668-9671) Acknowledgements: Dr. Ray thanks NSF-PREM (grant no. DMR-0611539), CREST (grant no. HRD-0833178), HBCU-UP (grant no. 0811638), and DOD HPCDNM (grant no. W912HZ-07-C-0073) for their generous support of this research Download this Highlight