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Very Large Infrared Two-Photon Absorption Cross Section of Asymmetric Zinc Porphyrin Aggregates: Role of Intermolecular Interaction and Donor-Acceptor Strengths

Zuhail Sainudeen and Paresh Chandra Ray

Department of Chemistry, Jackson State University, Jackson, MS, USA, 39217
Acknowledgment: We thank the NSF-PREM Grant #DMR-0611539 for generous funding. We also thank Mississippi Center for Super Computer Resource (MCSR), University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS, for the generous use of their computational facilities.


One of the long-standing challenges is the development of organic compounds, which exhibits a large value of the 2PA cross section at wavelength(s) above 700 nm. We have designed a series of D-A Zn-porphyrin aggregates that possess exceptionally large Two Photon Absorption (TPA) cross sections at the desirable fundamental wavelengths of 1.1-1.5 m, which can be highly suitable candidates for the applications in biological imaging and photon dynamic therapy.

(published in J. Phys. Chem. A, J. Phys. Chem. A, 2006, 110, 12342).