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PREM Co-PI, Scott Sinex receives the 2010 Undergraduate Computational Engineering and Sciences (UCES) Award



Scott Sinex, professor of physical sciences and engineering at Prince George’s Community College and co-PI of the PREM involving Prince George’s Community College, Howard University and the Johns Hopkins University was acknowledged by the Krell Institute and the Department of Energy, for developing interactive spreadsheets teaching materials science  and chemistry Sinex’s interactive spreadsheets, called Excelets, allow numerical experimentation and "what if" modeling.
They are “Javaless” applets, powerful learning tools for students using readily available software.

In making the award, Chuck Swanson, Director of the UCES Award Program said, "Using a spreadsheet provides an easy introduction   to computational methods in science without requiring knowledge of a programming language” The Materials Science Excelets are  being used worldwide.

The Materials Science and Chemistry Excelets can be downloaded from the web, along with a tutorial showing how to build your own.

Materials science Excelets are available at Chemistry Excelets are available at